How to Check Your Website Speed?

Often beginners think that their website is OK just because it doesn’t feel slow on their computer. That’s a  common mistake. Since you frequently visit your own website, modern browsers like Chrome store your website in cache and automatically prefetch it as soon as you start typing an address. This makes you think that your website load ... Les mer »

13de Sept 2017
Speed Matters ! Decreasing Page Load Time Can Drastically Increase Conversions

The speed of your website have a major effect on your sales : even if your site isn’t loading too slowly, it can still be improved. According to surveys done by Akamai and, nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds. 79% of web shoppers who ... Les mer »

5de Sept 2017

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